Text Back Pack

Client: Martellus Bennett, Green Bay Packers Role: Creative Director, Producer
Crew: Martellus Bennett (director), Teddy Duvall (co-producer), Yev Belilovskiy (camera), Arielle Martorana (co-producer), GIPHY Studios (graphics & editing)

Designed a TV style marketing campaign for an original GIF series with Martellus Bennett, then a Green Bay Packer, as the guest director. It was called the Text Back Pack. It passed 150M views in about 48hrs purely with organic momentum. For context, major cultural events got around 200M views in 24hrs after broadcast.

Featuring players like Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Morgan Burnett, Ty Montgomery, and more. You can enjoy the whole series here.

    • Premiered on the NFL Network & in local news
    • Featured in AdWeek
    • Viral spread on social via players, Packers, and fans
    • Drove x6000 increase in searches for “Text Back Pack”
    • 70% CTR on those searches
    • Organic +150M views in 48 hours
    • Cont. growth over time, currently +1.2B views